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Shotokan based club incorporating different styles to suit your needs.


All ages male or female welcome, its never to late to start training.

GM Angelo

We train with various Sensei's from different styles,


Why not come along and train with us.

Training in the Philippines

GM Bob has trained in the Philippines with some of the top Grand Masters and Masters.

Training in the Philippines

GM Bob with Master Bambit Dulay

Training in the Philippines

GM Bob training in Manilla Park

Training In Wigan for over 30 Years
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Our instructors come from all different styles and backgrounds, willing to share their knowledge with you.

GM Bob Curruthers

Chief Instructor.
Bob started training in the 70’s under the British Karate Association in Devon and Cornwall. Instructors included John Smith, Danny Connor and Tatsuo Suzuki
In 2002, Bob was Awarded his 5th Dan by an international panel of masters in Dublin, Ireland including J Carslake 10th Dan.
In 2011 Bob was Awarded the title of 7th Dan and awarded the rank of instructor for Filipino Kyusho by Grandmaster Angelo Baldisonne and Grandmaster Rene Tongson.

Mark Webster

Master 5th Dan
Mark has many years of training with GM Bob, he has achieved his 5th dan and has extensive knowledge on techniques and kata.

Stuart Blackhurst

6th Dan Ju jitsu, 2nd Dan Shotokan Karate
Stuart started training in 1981 in Jujitsu trained under several instuctors such as Tommy Kwan, Mike Newton,Dave Hodgson and Andrew Wilshaw in the arts of Jujitsu and Karate. Meet and trained with top instructors from around the world. I hold the rank of 6th Dan in Jujitsu and a 2nd Dan in Shotokan under GM Bob Carruthers.

Clive Hepburn

4th Dan
Clive originally started training at Winchmore Hill dojo under Sensei Mick Randell in 1988. After a few years away from martial arts and relocating, he returned and started training with Bob Carruthers and achieved my 3rd Dan in February 2012.

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